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Every quarter we post our latest and greatest news here. We showcase projects we are working on, or have completed, as well as newly awarded jobs. We also like to feature and employee recognitions as well as new employees, new General Contractor relationships and current relationships! So click below to see what is happening this quarter!

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2021 News Archive

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2020 News Archive

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2018 News Archive

Quarter 1/2 2018

During the first half of 2018 we were able to close out a number of big projects and launch many more new project awards which we will highlight below.  We continue to improve our operations in a number of ways to help ensure we meet the demands and requirements from our clients.  Probably the most important thing we do to ensure we are meeting the many challenges of this business is to continue to increase and continue to upgrade our team of professionals.  We have been very fortunate as we have added a number of very qualified and experienced concrete professionals in both project management and field operations during the first half of 2018.  In addition to management team support we added approximately 50 concrete craftsman to our team to manage our ever increasing workload. (see attached pictures).  Our management team additions through June 30 are as follows:

  • Adam Pruitt, a Senior Project Manager who completed his degree at Gainesville College and has an extensive pedigree and joins us after a long tenure in the concrete construction industry with Hemma Concrete.  Adam is currently managing the Riverwood Highschool and the Nottinghill Medical Office Building Projects and will also spearhead the upcoming Village Park Assisted Living Project.
  • Trevor Garner, a Senior Project Manager with a Construction Management Degree and an MBA joined GGC from Ceco Concrete Construction with a significant amount of experience in elevated form work.  Trevor is currently managing the Clemson and JTA projects.
  • Blake Eberhard, an Assistant Superintendent join us an completing a degree from Jacksonville State and experience in the landscape business.  Blake has been assigned to a variety of projects working primarily with our Hardscape Division.
  • Luke Gettman, as an Assistant Project Manager with a Civil Engineering Degree from Georgia Tech.  Luke’s primary role over the past several months has been with the Home Depot Back Yard project next to the new Mercedes Benz Stadium.
  • Ian McMillan, as an Assistant Project Manager with a Civil Engineering  Degree from The Citadel and a Master’s Degree from the University of Texas.  Ian joins is currently assisting with the Clemson and JTA Projects.
  • Nikki Scott, as an Assistant Project Manager with an extensive amount of project accounting and construction company administration experience.  Nikki has lead the charge on our recent ProCore Administration and had been key in helping ensure team is properly trained on this new project administration tool.
  • Kirk McDaniel joins us a Superintendent with a tremendous concrete pedigree including owning a residential concrete business.  Kik has been helping manage the Clemson Business School and the BMW projects.
  • Mario Ventura, as a Superintendent with an emphasis on elevated structures and walls.  Mario has worked with on the Emory CLC Project and most recently the Clemson Project.
  • Brandon McDaniel joins us a an Assistant Superintendent after serving in a law enforcement capacity for a number of years.  Brandon has been assigned to the Clemson Project.
  • Doug Webb Sr joins us as a Superintendent. Doug has a long term tenure in the structural concrete business and has been assisting at the Mustang project and covering multiple other projects.

During January and February we were able to increase the office footprint of our Home office building by adding five new offices and converting the back storage area to an enclosed shop area.  The newly expanded office area now serves as command central for our Pre Construction Team.  This expansion has helped us ensure we have adequate space for our support teams.  A big thank to Paul LeMay and others for helping us get this project completed.

One on the primary initiatives we launched in the first half of 2018 is the implementation of ProCore, a project management software that helps  forecast and plan our projects in addition to serving as a document repository for tracking daily reports, projection schedules, RFI’s, and a variety of other key documents.  Nikki Scott has quarterbacked the majority of the required training and implementation activity.  This new management tool is proving to be very valuable to help us effectively manage our projects.

GGC held its annual Spring Fling on Saturday, April 21 at the Peachtree Corners Hilton.  We upgraded to bigger banquet room this year given the attendance of over 100 employees and spouses.  The new venue proved to be a big hit and we think this year’s event was the best ever (see picture).  A big thank you to Missi Price and others to coordinate and set up this event.  Alex White walked away as the grand prize winner of the Casino Night.  Look for a save the date message for next year’s event coming soon.

We are now in a steady routine of conducting Superintendent / Field Engineering training on a periodic recurring basis.  These meetings have proven valuable to ensure our field production teams are in synch with respect to important topics such as field safety requirements, ProCore reporting, schedule coordination, production requirements, and quality control.  Thanks to Sheldon, Josh, Stewart, Nikki, Marcus and others for helping plan and produce these very important exchange of information sessions to help ensure vital collaboration among our teams.  Be looking for future upcoming meeting notices and make sure we all prioritize our attendance.

Over the first half of 2018 GGC continued to add several new clients and multiple awards to our contracted backlog.  GGC is now very fortunate to call Evans Construction, Reeves Young, and Gilbane new clients.  Some of the more significant new project additions were as follows:

  • Nottinghill MOB with Evans Construction
  • Madison Yard AMC with VCC
  • Project Mustang with Holder
  • Northeast Highschool with Sheridan
  • Palisades Hardscape with Juneau
  • Riverwood Highschool with Gilbane
  • Wills Road Village Park Assisted Living with Reeves Young

We are very excited about these projects many of which are now underway.  We are continuing to work hard and be committed daily to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.  We are looking to  finish 2018  strong and our prospects for a great upcoming second half of 2018 and 2019 look very encouraging.  Our current contracted backlog continues to track at a very healthy level with many great opportunities on the horizon.

We appreciate each of you and your many contributions to GGC’s success.

Best Regards,
Paul and Jack

2017 News Archive

Quarter 4, 2017

GGC wrapped up 2017 with a strong fourth quarter as we continued to grow and add a number of new clients and resources to our network.  We continue to benefit from the opportunity to add very qualified professionals especially to our field operations team to ensure we provide a quality product and can be responsive to the many demands our clients require to ensure schedule and quality expectations are maintained.  Given our recent growth we have been very intentional about adding personnel to our team.

GGC added the following the team members during the fourth quarter (see attached pictures):

  • Chey McDaniel, a Senior Superintendent with an extensive pedigree and experience in running large scale structural concrete projects.  Chey has been heading up our construction team on the BMW project in South Carolina.
  • Marcus Scott joined GGC as our new Safety Director.  Marcus holds a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from North Carolina A&T and has extensive job site safety credentials.  In his short time with GGC he has already been involved with conducting a number of onsite training classes and interfaces with our clients daily on a variety of safety agenda items.
  • Matt Walther, a Superintendent joins GGC after a twelve-year career with Fulmer Concrete in Chattanooga Tennessee.  Matt has a significant level of experience in Place and Finish operations as well as structural concrete.  He is currently heading up our project with Hamilton Pediatric Center in Dalton, Georgia
  • Matthew Henderson joined GGC as a Field Engineer.  Matthew is a veteran of the United States Army where he completed a variety of classes in AutoCAD, drafting, and surveying.  He has held a variety of Field Engineering positions in the Construction industry before joining GGC and is assisting with field engineering on the Lake Oconee Academy project.
  • Jesse Flores, a Senior Superintendent with a significant number of years of experience in elevated concrete formwork.  Jesse brings a lot of knowledge to our team in the elevated formwork arena.   He is currently supporting our projects at Hampton Decatur and Emory CLC.

During November we are able to revamp our yard area next to our corporate office.  Lead by our in-house project management and installation team we have successfully added a privacy fence, repaved the yard, in concrete of course, improved our formwork storage areas, added an equipment washout area, and significantly improved the drainage of this area.  See attached picture.  More to come in the Q1 2018 team update on Corporate Office additions and improvements.

As mentioned above with the addition of our new Safety Director, Marcus Scott, we have transitioned the management of our safety program in house.  We will continue to utilize the resources of HB Next on an as needed basis.  Marcus’s main objectives include:

  • Provide Safety training of GGC personnel
  • Perform site visits to ensure compliance with all OSHA Regulations
  • Evaluate, maintain and augment the Corporate Safety Manual
  • Enhance the Corporate Safety culture
  • Provide direct support and feedback to our client regarding all safety matters.

During the past few months GGC continued to add several new clients and awards to our contracted backlog.  GGC is now very fortunate to call JE Dunn and Brasfield & Gorrie clients.  Some of the more significant new project additions were as follows:

  • Clemson Business School Classroom with DPR
  • BMW with DPR
  • Hamilton Pediatrics with Brasfield & Gorrie
  • Ravina Hotel Parking Deck with Hogan
  • Wellstar Hospital addition with JE Dunn

Quarter 3, 2017

GGC continues to make strong progress in Q3 2017 towards making this a successful year.  We continue to add new clients to our network.  We have been very intentional about adding new qualified individuals to our team to ensure we continue to provide a quality service to our valuable clients.

GGC added the following the team members during the second and third quarter:

  • Steve Trulove, a Superintendent with extensive concrete construction experience.  Steve has been assigned to the Summerville Medical Facility and assisted on other projects as needed.
  • Lawson Mathis, a Superintendent with both a concrete and General Contractor pedigree.  Lawson has been primarily assigned to the Hampton Buckhead project.
  • Alex White, rejoined GGC as a Field Engineer.  Alex has been working under the direction of Jon Mauck and Colin Nelson.  We are very pleased to have Alex back with GGC.
  • Scott Hinson, a Field Engineer with experience in both building construction and highway construction.  Scott was assigned to the Players Club Project and is now also supporting the Hampton Decatur project
  • Nicole Sanders, a Project Administrator joined GGC following an extensive career with Kroger in multiple management positions.  Nicole will support our project management team with their execution of their multiple tasks.

During the month of August, we held an Operations Management training event that covered a variety of Operational topics that are relevant to our success.  Some of the topics that were covered include review of our Plan Grid and Form Connect Software, updates on production scheduling, new formwork systems that are available, and a variety of Safety topics.  Our intention is to continue to have hold training sessions of this type three times a year to facilitate the flow of information and ensure our teams are well equipped to meet the ongoing challenges of this profession.  This is another example of how GGC continues to build our infrastructure ensure we are well equipped to execute the project opportunities we are provided from our client.

During Q3 2017 GGC added new project awards to our contracted backlog.  Some of the more significant additions were as follows:

  • Atlanta Dairies Multifamily with Beck Construction
  • Doctor’s Hospital in Augusta with Batten Shaw
  • Jacksonville Transit Authority with Balfour Beatty
  • Lake Oconee Academy with JM Williams
  • BMW Plant Addition near Greenville SC with DPR
  • Home Depot Backyard with Holder Construction

We are very fortunate to be awarded these opportunities and continue to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.  With the recent implosion of the Georgia Dome we are very excited to partner with Holder construction on the upcoming Home Depot Backyard that will be constructed on the same site to incorporate pregame festivities at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium.  We are well on track to make 2017 our biggest and best year yet.  Our backlog continues to track at a very strong level thanks to the fine work of our Preconstruction Team.

Quarter 2, 2017

GGC continued its strong momentum during the second quarter of 2017 as we continued to grow and add new clients to our network.  We have also been very intentional about adding new qualified individuals to our team to ensure we provide a quality product and manage through challenging production schedules.

GGC added the following the team members during the second quarter:

  • Anthony Ureno, a Project Manager with a specialization in site work and hardscapes.  Anthony has an extensive background in concrete construction and has been instrumental in assisting GGC incorporate new jobsite software into our operation.
  • Enrique Granados, a Project Manager with a US Military pedigree and extensive technical abilities in machine maintenance as well as previous construction experience.  Enrique will focus a majority of his efforts on project closeout to help ensure we proactively manage this very important stage of our projects.
  • Victor Shelton, a Field Engineer with extensive construction experience.  Victor is a big addition to our talented team of Field Engineers.
  • Stewart Evans, Senior Project Manager.  Stewart holds a Civil Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and joins GGC as a tenured Project Manager previously working for several General Contractors and as an Owners Representative.

In addition to increases in manpower, GGC continues to make investments in software technologies to enhance our infrastructure and assist our operations team with being more efficient.  Under the initiative and leadership of Anthony Ureno, during Q2 GGC began rolling out Plangrid and Form Connect, two software packages that upgrade our field communications systems and help our Superintendents better document key activities and communicate more efficiently with our teams and clients.  We are equipping all entire Field Management staff with iPads that run these two programs.  This is yet another example of the investments GGC continues to make to ensure we continue to deliver a quality product to our valuable clients.

Also during Q2 GGC continued to add new awards to our contracted backlog.  Some of the more significant additions were as follows:

  • Hampton Decatur Hotel with EMJ Construction
  • Players Club Apartments in Tallahassee Fla with Juneau Construction
  • Emory Campus Life Center with Holder Construction
  • Atlanta Dairies Multifamily with Beck Construction
  • Grand Strand Medical Facility Addition in Myrtle Beach, SC with Layton Construction

We are very fortunate to be awarded these opportunities and continue to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.  We are well on track to make 2017 our biggest and best year yet.

Quarter 1, 2017

We had a very strong first quarter for 2017.  Our production of work in place reached a new high-water mark with Q1 revenues.  We were blessed with a mild and dry winter that allowed many of our projects to stay on schedule.  This very strong start to 2017 has put us in a good position to meet our production and financial goals for 2017.  Many thanks for all the efforts our team put in to achieve these results.

Given our recent growth pattern, we continue to add resources to our team to enable us to deliver quality work on schedule and meet the many demands of our clients.  During Q1 the following individuals joined our team:

  • Paul Martinez, a senior Superintendent with an extensive concrete pedigree is assigned to the MDA Project in Jacksonville.
  • David Martinez, a carpenter with concrete construction experience is assigned to the MDA Project in Jacksonville.
  • Daniel Martinez, a carpenter with concrete construction experience is assigned to the MDA Project in Jacksonville
  • Matt MacLaren, a new member of our Preconstruction team. Matt has a Degree in Architecture from the Miami University and an MBA from the University of Georgia.  He has considerable estimating and project management experience in the construction industry.

We have also added additional trucks, trailers, formwork, and a variety of equipment to help ensure we are well equipped to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.  Between the additions to the members of our team and fixed assets upgrades we continue to make heavy investments in our infrastructure that will hopefully continue to help us meet and exceed our client expectations.

During the quarter, our Preconstruction team helped land several new clients in Holder Construction and BC Construction Group.  These additions to our client base are proving to be great additions to our already strong network of General Contractors to help us maintain a strong backlog.  During the quarter, we were awarded the Atlanta United Soccer Bleachers and Spring and 8th Street concrete polish projects with Holder.  Also, we were awarded the Nestle Paving project with BC Construction Group.  Some of the other more significant projects that GGC has been awarded in Q1 included:

  • Georgia Southern Science Building with CPPI
  • Alliance Theatre Renovation with Hogan Construction
  • AC Moxy Hotel with Winter Construction
  • Summerville SC Hospital with Layton Construction

One project we are highlighting this quarter is the MDA Baptist Hospital Project in Jacksonville for Perry McCall and DPR.  This project made great strides in Q1 and is hopefully set for completion by August 1.  This project represents one of the biggest projects performed by GGC and include a significant amount of elevated concrete.  Our team members who have made tremendous contributions to this effort include Paul Martinez, David Martinez, Daniel Martinez, Roger Black, Lee Myers, Jon Mauck, Brad Ladner, CJ White, and TJ Shellenberger.

The North Alabama Medical Center with Layton Project kicked off in Q2 with a significant amount of foundation work being put in place.  Ronnie Baker and Brett Blanton are the Superintendents on this project with assistance from Brad Ryerson and Rickard Kimsey.  This represents our biggest project to date with Layton Construction who is turning into a great business partner with GGC.

The Buckhead Hampton project with Kellogg and Kimsey continues to move forward at a good pace lead by Larry Dempsey, Jim White, Alfredo Cano, Luis Cano, Matt Gottlich, and Stuart Robinette.  This project will represent another signature project for GGC given its size and location.

GGC closed out Q1 with our annual Company celebration.  During our program, we highlighted some of the many accomplishments from 2016.  Many thanks to Missi Price and Tonya Davell for their hard work pulling this event together.

As stated above, given our Q1 performance and strong backlog we are in a good position to have another very strong year in 2017.  Thanks to each of you for all you do to make GGC successful.

2016 News Archive

Quarter 4, 2016

Q4 2016 proved to be a very exciting quarter for GGC.  We completed the primary scope of our work for the newly minted Clemson Football Operations Center.  We all like to be part of a winning team and building the new home of the reigning National Champions has proven to be very exciting.  Many thanks to Larry Dempsey, Colin Nelson, Stuart Robinette, Luis and Alfredo Cano, and many others that made sure this project was a success.  Q4 also delivered the much anticipated launch of the Hampton Buckhead Hotel Project in Atlanta.  We are off to a strong start on this project as well.

Our Preconstruction Team kicked things into high gear during Q4 landing three signature projects as well as number of other projects that drove our backlog to new levels.  First on the list is the MDA Cancer Center in Jacksonville, Fla totaling $8M.  This project is a high profile project with Perry McCall and DPR lead by the efforts of Brad Ladner, Ronnie Baker, Brett Blanton, Ryan Brown, Roger Black, Jon Mauck, and TJ Shellenberger.  Next on the list of additions is the North Alabama Medical Center in Florence, AL.  This $4.5M facility is with Layton Construction with Richard Kimsey serving as project manager.  Our third major pickup in Q4 was the Nestle Paving Project totaling $2M in McDonough, GA.  Stuart Robinette, Bobby Lane Sr, and Saul Lopez lead our efforts on this project.  Q4 also proved to be successful for our Preconstruction team with the addition of Holder Construction as a client. We are performing a $500k project on the Atlanta United Soccer Facility in Marietta.  Alex Templeman, Colin Nelson, and Bobby Lane Jr are assisting on this project.

The very good news is GGC will start 2017 with a healthy backlog.  Q4 2016 represented our highest sales quarter over the past four years.  Congrats to Sheldon, Brennan and Dan for all their efforts to help set GGC up for a very successful 2017.

Given the influx of additional work we have made recent investments in our team to help ensure we can deliver on the projects we have been awarded.  Joining our team in Q4 are:

  • Roger Black, a seasoned Superintendent from Southern Pan who is currently assigned to the MDA Project in Jacksonville.
  • Lee Myers, a rebar quality control superintendent who is currently assigned to the MDA Project in Jacksonville.
  • Devin Wilson joins us as an addition to our Equipment Management team working with Paul LeMay.
  • Richard Kimsey joins as a Project Manager. Richard graduated and played football for Georgia Tech and has worked extensively in the Concrete Construction arena for a number of years.

Please join me in welcoming these guys to our team.  In addition to adding team members we have been proactive in adding other resources to ensure we are fully prepared to execute on our projects in the way of trucks, heavy equipment, trailers, ect.  Paul LeMay and his team continue to provide tremendous support in this area.

As stated above, we are starting 2017 in a very strong backlog position.  We continue to build our financial platform that allows us to bid on bigger projects.  We are all very busy and we as a Company are being very intentional to ensure we have all the relevant resources at our disposal to execute our projects successfully.  Our 2017 Business Plan is finalized and we are very encouraged 2017 will be a repeat of recent years, plus some, to make it another high water mark with our Company.

As always, we appreciate all you do to help make GGC successful.  God Bless you and your family and bring on the sunshine.  Spring is just around the corner.

Quarter 3, 2016

GGC continues to move forward in a very positive direction. We are on track to reach our 2016 revenue and profit goals. The third quarter of 2016 represented our largest volume quarter over the past three years. We were able to take advantage of the unusually dry weather and the apex of several large projects, including Clemson Football Operations, GrandMarc, and Lofts at Navicent over the past three months to yield a new high water mark for quarterly revenue. Many thanks for all of your hard work and dedication. We know we all are enjoying a break from the exceptionally hot summer.

During the past month GGC announced the promotion of Brad Ladner and Larry Dempsey to the role of General Superintendent. Both Larry Dempsey and Brad Ladner have been with Greater Georgia Concrete since day one and have made many contributions over the past three years. In their new role as General Superintendents, Brad and Larry will have multiple project responsibilities and coordinate production activities with Paul Mandall and our complete field operations team. We are fortunate to have these two construction professionals on our team. Please join me in congratulating these two guys.

One development over the past month is that we have turned a portion of our corporate office into a form work production facility. Our Hampton Buckhead team has been busy at work building a number of forms that will significantly expedite our production as work has recently begun on one of our next signature projects.

Q3 also yielded the conversion to Pro-Est software by our Preconstruction Team. Sheldon Poitra, Brennan Poitra, and Dan Brown lead this conversion that replaces OST and MC Squared by combining both the Takeoff Software and Estimation Software into a single solution. Pro-Est will make our Precon Team more accurate and efficient and help us continue to grow our Company.

Ryan Brown joined our team as a Field Engineer. Ryan comes to us with extensive experience as a field surveyor. He has been assigned to the two Mercer projects located on Macon.

Also, Alex Templeman joined our team as a new Project Manager. Alex comes from Amec Foster Wheeler and also has spent time with Pond & Company as an Estimator. Alex is currently assigned to several projects including the Monroe High School addition in Albany.

We continue to add to our contracted backlog of newly awarded projects. Some of the more significant projects awarded during the quarter include Monroe High School addition in Albany, a new Medical Facility in Milledgeville, and an addition to the Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville Fla.

Quarter 2, 2016

GGC continues to have a very good year and as we reach the midpoint of 2016 we are tracking to reach both our revenue and profitability goals for this year.  One of the many highlights on Quarter 2 was our recent surge in project backlog.  Great job to Sheldon and team for making this happen.  As we all know in this business, contracted backlog is a critical and very telling metric and we hit a new high water mark in June of $19.5 Million!  The driver of this increase was the award of the Hampton Buckhead Hotel of almost $5 Million and the addition on the Grand Marc Apartments of $4 Million in Clemson.  Also, two other significant projects with Mercer University (Mercer Science of $2M and Mercer Baseball of $1M) and Sheridan Construction were also secured.  We continue to get very good feedback from our performance in the field which is our very best sales and marketing tool.  So keep up the great performance so the new projects hopefully continue to come our way.

Another thought worth sharing is a takeoff on a phrase we use quite a bit around GGC in responding to each other in an affirmative manner, that being the phrase “10:4”.  It just so happens Proverbs 10:4 reads, “He becomes poor that deals with a slack hand, but the hand of the diligent brings wealth.”  This is something we can all consider as a method of encouragement to one another to be diligent in our area of responsibility as we communicate with each other daily. So the next time you say or hear, “10-4” take that as encouragement to one another that we may continue to move forward our Company in a positive manner that we can all benefit from.  There is no mistaking we would not have experienced our level of success over the last three years without many diligent hands at work.

Listed below are some other noteworthy accomplishments during the second quarter:

  • We were awarded over $13M in new projects while our average size project continues to significantly increase.
  • We completed the takeover of the Grand Marc Clemson and installed a significant portion of the structural concrete on this project (see pictures).  Mike, Jon, Ronnie, Stuart, and others have made a tremendous impression on the VCC team.
  • We started the Lofts at Navicent Project in Macon (see pictures).  Bobby Sr, Bobby Jr, Brett, Frankie, Matt and others have gotten us off to a strong start here.
  • We completed the Lindbergh Project in Buckhead.  Many thanks to Matt, Charlie, T, and others to get this project over the finish line.
  • We completed the Mercer Residence project (pictures).  Many thanks the Sheldon, Josh, Frankie, Saul, and others for delivering another successful project with Sheridan.
  • We purchased two new Bobcat T630 Track Steers and one new Bobcat E50 Mini Excavator for our growing fleet of in house equipment.
  • We added a new GMC 3500 and several new Superintendent trailers and flatbed trailers to ensure we are job site ready as needed.
  • Dan Brown joined our Preconstruction Team as an Estimator.  This brings us back to full strength in Precon.
  • We also purchased a new software called Pro-Est that combines take off and estimating for our Precon team.  We plan to go live with this software towards the end of Q3 and should enhance our efficiency in Precon.

Quarter 1, 2016

After an especially wet winter, site conditions have improved and we are making great progress on many job sites.  We had a successful Q1 2016.  Listed below are some of our accomplishments over the last quarter:

  • We were awarded a total of nine new projects totaling in excess of $5 Million to our contracted backlog.  We start Q2 with a very strong backlog and look forward to a very healthy volume of work in place for the upcoming months.
  • Our biggest award was the Lofts at Navicent in Macon to be performed with Piedmont Construction.
  • We added two new Superintendents during the quarter.  Brett Blanton joined us and is assisting Brad Ladner up at the Gateway Apartment Project in Charlotte.  Also, Mike Massey joined our team and is directing our efforts at the GrandMarc Project in Clemson.
  • We have made great progress on the Clemson Football Operations project with DPR.  Many thanks to Larry Dempsey, Colin Nelson, and Stuart Robinette for helping keep this project ahead of schedule and make a very good first impression with DPR.
  • The Gateway Apartment Project in Charlotte continues for get rave reviews from our client, VCC. Our project management team of Brad Ladner, Brett Blanton, Jon Mauck, and Jim White continue to impress and represent GGC very well.
  • We have nearly completed the Mercer Pedestrian Bridge in Macon.  This project with Piedmont is an iconic project that is adjacent to many other Mercer University projects we have completed.
  • All three MDC projects with Winter Construction are underway or nearing some stage of completion.  Many thanks to the many team members who have assisted including Chris Strong, Chris Kimsey, Brad Ryerson, and TJ Shellenberger.
  • We purchased two new pickup trucks and retired two trucks that were ready to be passed along to another home.
  • Chris Strong, Matt Gottlich, Brennan Poitra, and Jack Godfrey attended the World of Concrete show and exhibits in Las Vegas.

We continue to build great momentum and 2016 is shaping up very well.  Looking forward to see all that we can accomplish in Q2.

2015 News Archive

Quarter 4, 2015

Simply put 2015 was a very successful year for GGC. Our revenue grew by 45%, we met our financial goals, we added several premium clients, and significantly increased our backlog during 2015. Needless to say we learned a lot along the way and added numerous resources to our team to better enable us to continue to execute at a high level.

Listed below is a summary of our accomplishments during the fourth quarter of 2015:

  • We added a new Project Manager to our team with the addition of Stuart Robinette.  Stuart joins us with a considerable amount of experience with both General Contractors and Concrete Subcontractors.  Stuart is currently managing the new Clemson Football Operations Project with DPR, along with several other projects.
  • During Q4 we were awarded approximately $7 million in new projects.  We start 2016 with approximately $12 million in contracted backlog.  Many kudos to Sheldon, Brennan and Kirsten for this accomplishment.
  • We made great progress on the Lindbergh Project in Buckhead with VCC.  Congrats to Charlie Dempsey, Tim Gillman, Bobby Lane Sr, Colin Nelson, Matt Gottlich, and others who are making this project successful.  We continue to get very positive feedback from VCC on our execution of this project.  Our execution on this project along with the Gateway project has put us in a favorable position to win future projects with VCC.
  • We were successful in meeting our 2015 Revenue and Profit goals.  We recognize this was truly a team effort to make this happen.  Our 2016 revenue goals are in place and are a less aggressive growth curve as compared to 2015. Our goal is to make sure we have the resources in place to ensure more consistent on time and on budget delivery methods while always maintaining a safe work environment.  As stated before we have made significant investments during 2015 in our resources with additional staff (most important), heavy equipment, formwork, trucks, trailers, and a new corporate office to help enable us continue to be successful with regard to our project execution.
  • We were awarded a signature project with DPR with the addition of the Clemson Football Operations Project. Recognize our competition for this project is widely considered the Gold Standard in the Atlanta market with respect to Concrete subcontractors.  This award once again proves we are a force to be recognized.
  • We added an additional T630 (track steer) and E50 (MiniEx) to our heavy equipment fleet.  Also, all our machines are now equipped with GPS Technology that assist in tracking the location and maintenance on these valuable resources.  Please join me in passing along a well-deserved kudos to Paul LeMay and Justin Mandall to help ensure our jobsites are well equipped with machines and materials.
  • We continue to add to our labor force to ensure we have labor resources in place to help ensure we are in a position to meet and beat our clients production schedules.
  • We held our annual Christmas lunch December 17.  While a majority of our employees were able to attend we missed having those of you managing out of town projects.  Our goal going forward is to schedule this event on a Friday a week before Christmas and plan Superintendent and Safety training for the morning in our office and hopefully allow all of you to attend.
  • We moved into our new office December 12.  Most of you have visited our new digs.  We are extremely excited to be settled here.
  • Last but certainly not least is our upcoming annual Spring Fling scheduled for Saturday April 23 at the Peachtree Corners Hilton (same place as last year).  Most everyone has sent their RSVP to Missi.  If not, please contact her asap.  This once again should be a fun filled evening for you and your guest.

Quarter 3, 2015

We have a lot to be both excited and thankful for.  Below is a recap of our Q3 achievements:

  • We were awarded our second major project with VCC, Gateway Apartments in Charlotte NC.  This project totaling approximately $3M in revenue will start later this month.
  • We have added three new members to our team. Kirsten Lyle is an Estimator working with Sheldon in Preconstruction.  She comes to us having spent the prior seven years with American Shoring.  Paul LeMay joined our team a few months back initially as an Assistant Superintendent but has recently moved into the Equipment Manager role.  Also, Tim Gillman, joined us from the coal mines of West Virginia and is currently working on the Lindbergh project as an Assistant Superintendent.  We are fortunate to have these three individuals on board and are making considerable contributions in their respective area.
  • We have and continue to restructure the Equipment Manager role with the addition of Paul LeMay.  With our recent growth, ensuring job sites are properly equipped with the required machines and formwork has brought on a new dimension.   Paul is working very hard to better organize the method we manage both equipment and formwork to improve both efficiency and cost effectiveness of these two areas.  We are still working through this transition but going forward Paul LeMay will be the primary contact point for these two areas.
  • One piece of very exciting news is as many of you may have heard by now is that had an opportunity to buy an existing office  / warehouse and we are moving our home office to 4500 Peachtree Lake.  This location is just west of Peachtree Industrial, about a mile from our current office.  The new space will provide additional offices and improved storage areas to accommodate our recent growth.  It represents an upgrade to our current location and is a place we can call home for hopefully many years to come.
  • We substantially completed our biggest project to date, the Kroger Distribution Center in Forest Park.  Many thanks to so many of you who made this project successful.  Brad, Ronnie, Pete, TJ and many others played a significant role in this project.  This a milestone, signature project that will give us credibility for years to come on our ability to execute a very significant size project.
  • We recently started our field work on the Lindbergh Project in Buckhead with VCC .  This is another very big project and one that demonstrates our ability to perform on a big stage.  We are off to a fabulous start.  Charlie, Bobby Sr, Tim, John, Colin, Matt, and others are making us look very good to VCC right now.  Keep up the good work.
  • TJ Shellenberger completed a yearlong future leaders class sponsored by ABC

We look forward to keeping our momentum during Q4 and ending the year in a successful way.

Quarter 2, 2015

During our 2nd quarter GGC has added several new top notch General Contractors to our client listing including VCC, McCarthy, and Optum.  Awards for this quarter total over $9 million in sales and they include the following:

  • Stratford Private School-Macon, GA – Piedmont Construction
  • Hampton Inn-Augusta, GA – Optum Construction
  • Best Western-Athens, GA – Optum Construction
  • Columbus Student Housing – Columbus, GA-Winter Construction
  • Dalton Student Housing-Dalton, GA – Winter Construction
  • Mercer Residence Hall-Macon, GA – Sheridan Construction
  • Veterans Elementary School-Macon, GA – International City Builders, Inc.
  • Lindberg Redevelopment Parking-Atlanta, GA – VCC
  • Baxter Pharmaceutical-Conyers, GA – Valley Crest
  • Georgia Tech Stair and Walkway Replacement-Atlanta, GA – McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Other important items to note for Quarter 2 2015 include expanding our team, our equipment, and vehicle fleet.

Justin Mandall joined our team to work with Tom Willingham in our equipment management and material delivery department.  They ensure our all of our jobsites are well equipped with equipment, materials, and form work.  We added a new 3500 Truck and 30 foot gooseneck trailer as well to give us additional horsepower in this area.

Susannah Mullis joined our team as a Project Administrator and will help support our Project Managers with the many facets of their role.  She brings a wealth of project admin experience working with General Contractors to the table.

In the field we have added Bobby Lane as a superintendent and Bobby Lane Jr as an Assistant Superintendent.  We are thrilled to have both these gentleman join our field operations team.  They come with a number of years experience in concrete construction and will certainly help ensure our projects meet the client’s expectations.

One of the main highlights of the quarter for most of us was the soon to be annual Spring Fling held May 2 at the Hilton-Peachtree Corners.  Employees and their guests enjoyed a Casino night with food, music, and prizes.  We look forward to celebrating our success next Spring!

Quarter 1, 2015

GGC is off to a great start in 2015! First we would like to welcome several new team members to GGC. Art Judnich-Superintendent, Mike Delean-Pre-Construction, Chris Kimsey-Superintendent, and Charlie Demsey- Superintendent. We would also like to recognize and congratulate Susan Bergman for her move from Project Management into Pre-Construction. Our employees are an important part of what makes us successful and we want to thank each and every one of them for their efforts in 2014!

During our first quarter we have been awarded over 6 million dollars of concrete work. We have started new relationships with RPM & Associates, McCarthy, and Optum. RPM & Associates awarded GGC the concrete package valued at $800,000-1.5 million on a Walmart grocery store located in Vienna, GA. McCarthy awarded GGC with the Emory Pedestrian Bridge with a contract value of $400,000-$800,000 set to start in late spring. Optum Builders awarded GGC with two contracts. Ole Corn Mill in Norcross, GA – $700,000-1.5 million and Hampton Inn Augusta, GA valued at $350,000-500,000. We are excited for the opportunity to build lasting relationships with these General Contractors in 2015.

Other contracts that we have been awarded include:

  • Five Star Ford $200,000-$500,000 with Chris R. Sheridan
  • MDC Kennesaw $700,00-1.5 million with Winter Construction
  • MDC Franklin $600,000-1.5 million with Winter Construction
  • Kennesaw State University Loading Dock $200,000-$350,000
  • Sterling Pointe $500,000-1 million with Winter Construction
  • Charleston SC Lineage $2 million-$3 million with Primus Builders

In addition to the many new contracts that we are set to begin, we have been busy completing over fifteen jobs that began throughout 2014 and 2015.

2014 News Archive

Quarter 4, 2014

GGC was awarded an additional phase at the Kroger Distribution Facility in Forest Park as well as the site package of the Asheville Outlet Center in North Carolina.

During the last quarter we have completed three projects for International City Builders in middle Georgia. Other projects completed include Heard Elementary with Chris R. Sheridan, Monarch Plaza with Hodges & Hicks, and The Forsyth County Justice Complex with The Turner/Winter-joint venture.

Chris R. Sheridan awarded GGC Heard Elementary #2 in Bibb County. GGC was also awarded phase 3 & 4 of Clarke Central High School in Athens, Georgia by Piedmont Construction.

We are pleased to start a new relationship with Gay Construction and was awarded the concrete package in October for Ridgeview Cottages located in Cobb County.

GGC would like to congratulate TJ Shellenberger for being selected for the Future Leaders program through the Association of Builders & Contractors.

We would like to congratulate Jim White on his promotion to Project Manager in early October. Also, we would like to welcome two new team members to Greater Georgia Concrete. Chris Kimsey joined us in October as a Superintendent and Susan Bergman joined us in December as a Project Administrator.

August 2014

We are delighted to start a new relationship with Primus Builders in the Atlanta area. GGC, LLC has been awarded a $2million-$5million contract for the concrete package on a Kroger cold storage distribution center in Forest Park, GA. This project is scheduled to start in early September.

July 2014

Greater Georgia Concrete, LLC has been staying busy with jobs all over Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. We are scheduled to finish several jobs towards the end of the month, only to start several new projects the beginning of August.

June 2014

Awarded contracts in June:

Chris R. Sheridan awarded GGC, LLC the site package for the 2nd Street Transformation in Macon, GA. This concrete package worth $200k-$500k is scheduled to begin in September.

Clarke ROTC and Macon Dialysis Center concrete packages were awarded to GGC, LLC by Piedmont Construction in mid-June. Both projects total $200k-$500k and are set to start in late June, early July.

We are excited to announce a new client, JM Williams out of Atlanta. GGC, LLC will construct the concrete detention walls at a Simply Storage facility in Columbus, GA for the awarded contract worth over $200k.

May 2014

Greater Georgia has been very busy and has completed several projects.  They include UGA Phase III in Athens, GA, Clarke County High School ROTC, Meadows Park Health and Rehabilitation Center in Vidalia, GA and Pierce Chapel at Weselyan College in Macon, GA.

Awarded contracts in May:

West Roswell Elementary School’s $2million-$3million concrete package was awarded to GGC in early May.  Construction is scheduled to begin in July 2014.

CPPI chose GGC for the concrete package at Isle of Hope K-8 in Savannah, GA.  Contract value is $500k-$1million.

A new venture for GGC, we were chosen for the concrete package for an outlet mall in Asheville, NC.  We are excited to work in such a beautiful area!  Total contract package is $5k-$1million.

International City Builders awarded GGC with the concrete package for Miller Magnet School with a contract value of $200k-$500k.  We will start work on the school site in Macon, GA in late June.

April 2014

Winter Construction awarded GGC the concrete package for St. Michaels Church in Woodstock, GA.  Contract value is $200k-$500k.

A $500k-$1million contract was awarded to GGC for the concrete construction package at the Bio Life Plasma Service Center in Warner Robins with WDS Construction.

March 2014

GGC, LLC was selected to install a new hardscape at the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead.

February 2014

International City Builders of Warner Robins, GA selected Greater Georgia Concrete, LLC to perform 3 separate projects; the Macon-Bibb County Animal Shelter, Fort Valley Child Development Center, and the Peach County Regional Workforce Development Center totaling approximately half a million dollars.

January 2014

GGC, LLC will deliver the site package at Mercer for Chris R. Sheridan.

2013 News Archive

December 2013

Chris R. Sheridan awarded Greater Georgia Concrete, LLC a $950k-$1.5 million of concrete package for the new Heard Elementary School in Macon, GA.

GGC, LLC will be completing the $500k-1million concrete package awarded by Piedmont Construction for the Meadows Park Health and Rehabilitation Center located in Vidalia, GA.

November 2013

Greater Georgia Concrete LLC was selected to deliver all concrete foundations, slab on grade, and slab on metal deck for the new $44 million Colquitt County High School in Moultrie, Georgia.

GGC exists to simplify the equation for our clients.

It’s easy.  We deliver a quality product at a fair price, with the ability to accommodate complex schedules.  By becoming your partner, we are always part of the solution, viewed by our clients as a go to resource for structural & hardscape packages.