Alliance Theater

General Contractor – Hogan Construction Group
Location – Atlanta, Georgia
Our scope – $1.5-$2.0million

Home Depot Backyard

General Contractor – Holder, Hunt, Russell, Moody, A Joint Venture
Location – Atlanta, GA
Our scope – $3.0-$3.5million

Madison Baseball Stadium

General Contractor – HOAR Construction
Location – Madison, AL
Our scope – $4.3 million

Mercer Stadium

General Contractor – Sheridan Construction
Location – Macon, GA

Other Projects (not pictured)

Asheville Outlets

General Contractor – Winter Construction
Location – Asheville, NC
Our scope – $2.5-5 million

Forsyth County Courthouse Parking Deck

General Contractor – Turner/ Winter Construction
Location – Cumming, GA
Our scope – $500-1.0million

Gwinnett Arena Parking Deck

General Contractor – Mathias Corporation
Location – Duluth, Georgia
Our scope – $2.0-$2.5 million

Hampton Inn – Buckhead

General Contractor – Kellogg & Kimsey
Location – Atlanta, GA
Our scope – $4.5-5.5 million

Hampton Inn – Decatur

General Contractor – EMJ Corporation
Location – Decatur, GA
Our scope – $1-2 million

Hayes Street Parking

General Contractor – Layton Construction
Location – Nashville, TN
Our scope – $775k – $1.5 million

Hinesville Walmart #4525

General Contractor – RPM & Associates
Location – Hinesville, GA
Our scope – $100k-$500k


General Contractor – Balfour Beatty
Location – Jacksonville, FL
Our scope – $2.5 million

Lindbergh Place

General Contractor – VCC
Location – Atlanta, GA
Our scope – $2.5-3.5 million

Spruill Residence Inn

General Contractor – Winter
Location – Dunwoody, GA
Our scope – $600k-750k

Sterling Pointe Hampton Inn

General Contractor – Winter Construction Group
Location – Dunwoody, GA
Our scope – $500k-$1 million

St. Michael Catholic Church

General Contractor – Winter Construction
Location – Woodstock, GA
Our scope – $250k-$500k

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